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Writing for Beans

Confice Quicquid Incipiebas

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Edward Greaves
New Jersey born and raised, I've spent my life in this state. I attended Rutgers University where I studied a plethora of things, none of which has anything to do with my career. Now I work as a Systems Administrator/Engineer by day, and write Fantasy and Science Fiction by night. I am also an Associate Editor for Space and Time Magazine.

This is just a little corner of my world, about my writing and life.

Friends and comments are welcome. Jump on in.

Writing Credits:

"Sucker Kiss" in the Anthology: Dark Territories. (2008)
"The Wishing Stone" in Abyss and Apex Magazine, issue 33 (Jan 2010).
"Long Night" forthcoming in an anthology by Dark Quest Books.
"A Slice of New York" in the Anthology: Speculations from New Jersey (2014)

In the beginning...

God said, "Let there be light." And behold, there was light!

I should know, I was there.

Being the way I am, I gave a try: "Let there be beer."

And God, being the way he is, saw to it that beer was there.

So I offered him a brew, and after six days of drinking the whole creation thing got a tad silly.
(The platypus wasn't intentional, it was a dare)

On the seventh day I had a hangover. God decided we'd caused enough havoc for one week and declared it a holiday.

---How Things Really Happened


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